Delkote Machine Finishing offers a unique encapsulation process that provides the builder and homeowner a superior product applied in a controlled environment. All six sides of the board are coated and proper spread rates are maintained for maximum coverage, better warranty, and superior protection. This process ensures a longer-lasting, higher quality paint job than traditional on-site applications.

All six sides of the board are encapsulated for a maximum coverage. This process saves time on the job site and ensures superior quality.

Given the high humidity and other climatic conditions affecting framing materials, siding and trim in the South, builders are starting to realize the long term benefits of pre-priming and pre-finishing as much of the building material as possible. The reliability of machine finishing enables the homeowner to receive warranties as long as 25 years on painted surfaces and lifetime warranties from damage caused by mold, rot, and insects on framing materials.

We can pre-finish most types of siding, trim, decking and fencing in a wide-variety of surface types including:

  • Siding – bevel, channel, T & G, T1-11, etc.
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Cypress
  • Hardboards
  • Fiber cement siding
  • Shingles, panels, and individual side-wall shingles
  • Dimensional lumber
  • Fascia and soffit material
  • Plywood
  • Bead-board/Edge & center bead wainscoting
  • Interior T & G wall and ceiling panels
  • Interior trim
  • Decking


  1.  A Superior Paint or Stain Job
    • Uniform finish to all your materials, without the cost of hiring professional painters
    • No lap marks and no Shrink Lines
    • No streaking, over-spray or splatter
    • Eliminate painter call backs
    • Back Primed/Full Encapsulation
  2. No Unforeseen Delays on your Project
    • No Weather Delays, because the process is done under factory-controlled systems
    • No Subcontractor Delays
    • Large selection of materials
  3. A High Quality Job without Increased Costs
    • Immediate Siding Protection
    • Increased Customer Satisfaction
    • Per Square Foot Cost Savings
    • Less chance of on-site waste and loss
    • Instant Curb Appeal
  4. Unlimited color choices and extended warranties
    • If you can imagine it we can mix it; unlimited color options
    • Easy to match colors for additions and remodeling
    • Warranties on the finish up to 25 years

“It has been such a wonderful experience working with you and each person in your team. Each person who came out and was a part of the project did a terrific job and I as amazed as to the abilities, intelligence, cooperation and refreshing attitudes!” George Schuler, Homeowner