delkote/ September 15, 2017/

Featured in their own reality show on the DIY network, the Treehouse Guys have been custom designing treehouse rentals and private backyard treehouses for private clients throughout the country. Recently, owner Michael Parrish teamed up with Delkote to insulate the first Treehouse Guys project in Asheville, in the beautiful Serenity Asheville development. This treehouse and many other planned for the development are offered as rental properties.

What’s different about insulating a house that’s up in the trees? Spray foam is a good choice for this situation, because its air-tightness puts a dramatic stop to cold air that could seep into a home through cracks in the construction of the raised floor system. This project used our Demilec Sealection 500 open cell spray foam in walls, roof, and floor, creating an exceptionally air-tight, energy efficient and comfortable home in the trees!